Growth, if it is to be sustained, demands change in the organisation. Change is needed across several dimensions. Rupert Merson LLP has sets of services designed to address each of them.

Professionalising the management team

The biggest constraint on growth in any organisation is the capacity and capability of the management team. Indeed, to give your organisation the best chance of securing future opportunities, your management team needs to be fit for the future as well as the present. Rupert Merson LLP can help you with senior management and board recruitment, business education for senior management and directors, coaching and support for senior management and directors, and performance management and reward.

Working out where you are going and how  

Yes, things never turn out as business plans suggest; but business planning is a critical process if any organisation wants to give itself the best chance of future success. Rupert Merson LLP can help your organisation with strategy formation and business planning, and help you ensure your plans are exciting, achievable, actionable, affordable and realistic given the resources available to you. Rupert Merson LLP can also help you implement the changes required.

Values and culture

Small businesses take on the personalities of their founders. Big businesses have organisational culture and values sets distinct from the personalities of their leaders. Along the way something changes. Too many businesses leave their values and culture to chance. Organisations that take their futures seriously work hard at managing their values and culture ensuring they fit with their chosen strategy and the personalities and ambitions of their staff. Rupert Merson LLP can help you identify the values that matter to your organisation and shape the culture that fits, and ensure your organisation lives and breathes the values and culture you have selected.

Organisational review

Management teams with capacity take the time to step back, lift their heads up and take stock. Rupert Merson LLP has enormous experience helping entrepreneurial businesses, partnerships, family businesses and not-for-profits review where they are and where they are going, the structure and effectiveness of the organisation using stakeholder analysis and interviews, on-line diagnostic tools and facilitating workshops, presenting actionable findings in the form of written reports and thought-provoking presentation.

Personal plans

In entrepreneurial businesses, partnerships, family businesses and not-for-profits the personal plans of the key people involved in the business are as important as the business plans. Personal plans need defining and reconciling with business plans. As well as helping your organisation with strategy formation Rupert Merson LLP can help your key people with their own career planning through our coaching and support for senior management.

Grooming the business

If you want your organisation to benefit from a significant event – perhaps an injection of funding from a new investor or sponsor, or maybe even a sale, you will want to ensure your organisation is healthy, fit for purpose and well presented. Rupert Merson LLP can help you prepare your organisation for the big events that really matter.

Working with us

An organisation ambitious for growth is an organisation that needs to grasp the nettle of change. If an organisation is failing then change is easy, but a growing organisation is a successful organisation and changing something that is working is difficult, even if the seeds of next year’s problems have already been sown during this year’s success. But if you can identify the problems of success you are more likely to deal with them efficiently and cost-effectively. If you would like to discuss how Rupert Merson LLP can help you identify the problems of growth and the organisational solutions to your problems, give us a call.

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